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The Human Rights Charter of Cyrus , the Great ancient king of Iran was issued in 539 B . C . following the conquest of Babylonia . It was declared by Cyrus on the first day of spring when his coronation took place in Babylonia . After his coronation he went to Mardouk Temple of the great god and declared the Charter .

According to some experts specialised in Islamic knowledge Dholgharnain named in the holy Quran is probably the same as Cyrus . Needless to say , however , that Cyrus has issued and enforced the best and greatest declaration of human rights in the early history of the world . Yet , it should be recalled that Mazhiran Mole , Hertsfield and girshman state in their book , Eternal Land that the Cyrus Declaration issued about 2543 years ago is much better than human rights declaration of the French Revolution of the 17th century and the United Nations Declaration of the 20th Century .

A full description of Cyrus coronation and the events thereafter is recorded by Gezenfone , the Greek military officer , philosopher and historian .

The text of Cyrus declaration was not known until recent excavation made in Mesopotamia under the old ruins of the city of Oor where an epigraph was discovered and after it was translated it was found to be the human rights charter of Cyrus . This inscription which is the oldest and the most important document of the human rights in the ancient history , is now kept in the British National Library . In that declaration , Syrus first introduces himself and then , as the king of Iran , Babylonia and the four cardinal countries pronounces the charter of the human rights .

Text of the Charter of Human Rights of Cyrus

Now that with the grace of Mazda I am crowned for the kingdom of Iran ,
Babylonia and the four cardinal countries , I declare that :

As long as I am alive and favoured by Mazda for the kingdom of Iran , Babylonia and the four cardinal countries , I undertake to hnour the religion and custom of all nations under my kingdom . Thus , no governor or other subordinates under my realm shall be allowed to humiliate or insult the religion or custom of the nations under my kingdom or of other nations .

From now , that I am crowned , until I am alive and blessed by Mazda for this kigdom , I shall never impose my kingdom to any nation , since the peaple are free to accept or be no war agaist them .

As long as I am the king of Iran , Babylonia and the four cardinal countries , I shall not allow any one to oppress another . So , if anybody ‘ s right is injured , I shall take it from the oppressor and punish him and shall give it back to the oppressed .

As long as I live , I shall not allow anyone to dispossess others ‘ property by force or take it without concideration or satisfaction of the owner .

As long as I live , I shall not allow anyone to use forced or unpaid labour .

Today I announce that everybody is free to choose any religion he believes in , and live any where he desires , provided he does not arrogate others ‘ rights , and take any occupation he likes , and spend his property in any way he decides , providing he does not harm others ‘ rights .

I declare that every person is responcible for himself , and that no one shall be punished for actions committed by his relatives . Thus , punishment of the criminal ‘ s brother is forbidden . If a member of a family or tribe committed a crime , the person to be punished should be only the criminal , not others .

So long as , with the grace of Mazda , I rule as the king , I shall not allow any man or woman to be sold as a slave . In this regard , my governors and other subordinates shall be responcible , in the sphere of their influence , to prevent the trade of slavery . This custom should be totally abolished throughout the world .

And , I beg Mazda to succeed me in performing the obligations I have taken towardds the nations of Iran , Babylonia and the nations of the four cardinal countries .


The Cyrous ‘ s houman rights epigraph

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